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Our Company

The mission of Elite Power Solutions (EPS) is to provide advanced and integrated battery solutions for energy storage, electric vehicle (EV), various other emerging applications that demand advanced battery storage technology.

Our products are:

  • Large format Lithium Ion (Li-ion) batteries
  • Battery management systems (BMS)
  • Integrated solutions for various specific markets
  • Portable energy storage system (P-Box) for the consumer market.

EPS develops its own BMS in-house in US and integrates application-specific features into its electronic systems. The result is solutions that are both easy to use and low cost. As battery system experts, we partner with many key innovators in various niche markets.

Our Li-ion battery manufacturing facility is in Zhejiang Province, China, which has advanced process and quality control, and is capable of high volume manufacturing. Superior safety performance is one of the key strengths of our Li-ion batteries. Our patented safety valve is capable of quickly releasing internal cell pressure to prevent fires or explosions in abusive conditions. Our BMS and other electronics are designed and manufactured in the U.S. EPS provides strong engineering support to OEM manufacturers through application engineering, design, warranty, and after sales customer services.

Our Technology

Elite Power Solutions (EPS) has been focusing on developing engineering solutions for high performance, safe and low cost Li-ion batteries and supporting electronics components as package solutions to be used in energy storage and electric vehicle applications. EPS’ key innovations and solutions include:

  • Large format Li-ion batteries with scalable battery cell design
  • Superior and unparalleled safety performance thanks to patented pressure cap and safety valve designs
  • Increased cathode material utilization for better energy density and low cost
  • Robust connection and low serial resistance due to unique electrode terminal designs
  • Intelligent chargers and sophisticated battery management systems with high EMI noise immunity as a result of strong electronics design and engineering capabilities
  • Complete plug-n-play package solutions including Li-ion batteries, battery boxes, chargers, BMS systems, SOC gauges, low voltage disconnect circuit, etc. for OEM manufacturers

  • This document was last updated on January 25th, 2017