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Turn-key Solutions for EV and Energy Storage

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EPS provides cost effective, turn-key solutions to OEM manufacturers for energy storage applications and electric vehicle applications.

Electric vehicle applications include:

  • - Electric cars
  • - Electric trucks
  • - Electric buses
  • - Electric ATVs
  • - Electric motorcycles
  • - Neighborhood electric vehicles
  • - Golf carts
  • - Power wheel chairs
  • - Electric go-carts
  • - Electric lawn mowers
  • - Electric boats
  • - Turf maintenance equipment
  • - Utility trucks
  • - And more...

Energy storage applications include:

  • - Solar energy storage systems
  • - Portable energy storage systems
  • - Cell phone towers
  • - Engine idling systems
  • - Refrigeration
  • - UPS systems
  • - And more...


EPS offers large format Li-ion batteries for energy storage and electric vehicle applications. Our LiFeMnPO4 cells demonstrate superior safety performance thanks to our cell chemistry, cell construction, safety valve design, and robust manufacturing quality control system. We offer the most competitive products in the industry.

Battery Management System and Integrated Solutions

Our battery management systems (BMS) are designed to perform in noisy environments (EMI resistant), and are capable of high voltage applications (~400V). The BMS system measures and displays both the voltage and temperature of each battery cell, total pack voltage and current. The system calculates state-of-charge and provides alarm signals when fault conditions are detected. Data and alarm signals are sent to chargers and other external electronics through alarm output ports, CAN bus, and/or Modbus. Our BMS systems also come with ground fault detection for safety and a cell balancing feature, which ensures that all cells in the pack are closely matched. New features, such as Wi-Fi connectivity (for smart phones and tablets) and a data/alarm log, have been added to the newer generation of BMS systems. We will soon offer service based products with remote access capability. We have also been developing integrated solutions for specific markets: such as an integrated battery control system (iBCS) for low speed vehicle applications and an automatic battery control system (ABC) for energy storage and EV applications. These integrated systems will provide more application specific features with much simpler configurations.


Our battery chargers come in a wide variety of voltage and power levels and are power factor corrected. Our intelligent chargers are programmed to offer the best protection for Li-ion batteries and to maximize battery cycle life. Output voltages range from 12V to 400V, currents range from 6A to 50A, and total power output reaches up to 5KW. Our chargers interface with BMS systems to provide safe, controlled charging. They provide protection against over-charging, over-temperature, reverse polarity, short circuiting and other fault conditions. An optional J1772 compliant interface allows for use with existing electric vehicle charging infrastructure with automatically adjusted input current and a universal voltage range.

Value-added Services

EPS also specializes in providing value-added services like pre-sales engineering design, post-sale warranties and application support. EPS offers battery box designs based on customer’s specific requirements. For volume customers, batteries and BMS components will arrive fully assembled inside battery boxes. These complete systems will also be fully tested before delivery to ensure a high quality product.

This document was last updated on January 25th, 2017