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GBS Li-ion Batteries - Gen II
GBS Li-ion batteries demonstrate the highest safety performance in the industry. They also exhibit advantages of long cycle life, robust terminal connection, application friendly for large pack formation and BMS integration.

 Product Name+ 
 GBS-LFMP100AHX (4-cell pack) 
 GBS-LFMP200AH (4-cell pack) 
 GBS-LFMP40AH (4-cell pack) 
 GBS-LFMP60AH (4-cell pack) 
 GBS-LFMP60AHB (4-cell pack with Quick-connect) 
 GBS-LFP20AHA (4 cell pack) with Balancers 
 GBS-LFP20AHA (4-cell Pack) 
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