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Application Packages - GBS Cells
EPS offers complete turnkey packages for large format Li-ion battery systems, which include Li-ion batteries, chargers and energy management systems.

 Product Name+ 
 24V 100Ah 2.6KWh iBCS System 
 24V 200Ah 5.1KWh iBCS System 
 24V 40Ah 1.0KWh iBCS System 
 24V 60Ah 1.5KWh iBCS System 
 24V100Ah 2.6KWh Turn-key System 
 24V200Ah 5.1KWh Turn-key System 
 24V40Ah 1.0KWh Turn-key System 
 24V60Ah 1.5KWh Turn-key System 
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