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• BL20 balancers are designed to support GBS 20Ah cells.

When multiple Li-ion cells are connected in series forming a battery pack, it is important to maintain capacities of the cells within a tight distribution. This is achieved by implementing balancing circuits, which discharge cells at high SOC levels while allowing cells at low SOC levels to be charged further. This results in a higher overall pack capacity. Cell balancers do not replace a BMS system that is required to protect cells from over-charging and over-discharging. Cell balancers can be added to compliment a BMS that does not come with balancing function.

• BL20 Balancer Product Specifications:

  - One balancer per cell
  - Nominal Cell Voltage: 3.20V
  - Load Turn On Voltage: 3.55V
  - Load Current: 0.50A
  - Idle Current: 0.001A
  - Green LED On: Battery connected
  - Read LED On: Load turned on

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 23 June, 2011.
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