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• EMS-MOD Product Description:

EMS-MOD is a MODBUS communication option for the EMS system. It has to be ordered together with an EMS-CPU or an application package. A MODBUS communication board will be installed inside the EMS-CPU, and a MODBUS interface connection will also be added to the EMS-CPU for data communication. Available data formats are RS232 (default) and RS485.

• EMS-MOD Product Specification:

  - This option adds an internal MODBUS communication board in EMS-CPU;
  - This option adds an external MODBUS communication port to the EMS-CPU;
  - This option comes with a matching female connector;
  - Output pins: TXD,RXD and GND (RS232); Data+, Data- and GND (RS485);
  - Input pins: Relay and Relay, which provides optional logic signal detection of
    open or closed circuit;
  - Default data format: RS232;
  - MODBUS communication protocol can be found under "Technical References"
    of this website.

This item must be purchased with an EMS-CPU as an add on. If you already have an EMS-CPU you would like upgraded to have MODbus you will need to send in your existing CPU for installation.

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 06 February, 2014.
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