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• EMS-ABC Product Description:

ABC stands for automatic battery control system. The ABC feature is capable of detecting battery pack whether in charging mode or discharging mode. When in charging mode, the system ignores under voltage alarm and reacts to over voltage alarm. When in discharging mode, the system ignores over voltage alarm and reacts to under voltage alarm. This allows the system to combine under voltage alarm output and over voltage alarm output into just one alarm output, and therefore only one contactor is needed for all the protections. The ABC system cab be very useful for applications such as energy storage, RV, and etc. The EMS-ABC system is essentially an EMS-CPU system with the ABC function added, and all the standard features of EMS-CPU system are still included. The EMS-ABC is the central processing unit (CPU) of an Energy Management System. It interfaces with sense boards (daisy chain) to obtain voltage and temperature data from each individual cell, and it interfaces with shunt sensor to read pack current. The system is powered by a 12V DC source. It detects ground fault error, calculates the State-Of-Charge (SOC) of the battery pack, provides video output signal for display of pack voltage, pack current, SOC level, as well as alarm status. The CPU also provides one alarm output for protections against over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current and over-temp conditions. EMS-ABC comes with three parts: the EMS-ABC itself, a shunt sensor and a computer cable connecting between the CPU and the sense board strings. EMS-MOD can be purchased together with EMS-ABC to add MODBUS communication capability for data extraction. CANbus communication is not supported. An SOC meter can be purchased separately for add SOC indication. Sensor board strings and an optional LCD screen are also sold separately.

• Automatic Battery Control System (ABC) Parts Ordering

The following parts need to be ordered based on your battery pack requirement:

  - 1x EMS-ABC.
    EMS-ABC package includes a system computer, a shunt sensor for pack current
    measurement and a cable connecting the system to daisy chain of 4-cell strings.
  - A number of EMS-4SB20-V2, EMS-4SB-V7 or EMS-4SB200-V7 sense
    board strings. Each sense board string contains four sense boards connected as
    a 4-cell string. EMS-4SB-V7 strings are for 40Ah, 60Ah and 100Ah cells,
    EMS-4SB20-V2 strings are for 20Ah cells, and EMS-4SB200-V7 strings are for
    200Ah cells. EMS-4SB20-V2 strings can support up to a 16-cell (48V) pack.
    EMS-4SB-V7 and EMS-4SB200-V7 sense board strings support up to a 140-cell
    (500V) pack. If you have a 60-cell 100Ah pack, you will need 15x EMS-4SB-V7
    strings to be daisy chained together.
  - 1x EMS-LCD (optional). An optional LCD screen for display.
  - 1x EMS-MOD (optional). An optional MODBUS communication interface for data export.
  - 1x EMS-SOC (optional). An optional State-Of-Charge display.

• Automatic Battery Control System (ABC) Overview

The ABC System is designed for Li-ion battery pack using GBS 20Ah, 40Ah, 60Ah, 100Ah or 200Ah cells. The system components include a control unit (EMS-ABC), sense boards (connected as a daisy chain), a cable connecting the sample boards to the control unit, a shunt sensor, an optional LCD screen and an MODBUS communication interface. The features of the Energy Management System are:

  - Designed for battery packs using GBS 20Ah, 40Ah, 60Ah, 100Ah and 200Ah cells
  - A distributed system measuring voltage and temperature of each Li-ion cell
  - Daisy chain connection supporting up to 140 cells
  - Cell balancing
  - Integrated Ground Fault Detection and alarm output
  - Pack voltage measurement
  - Pack SOC calculation
  - Charging or discharging mode sensing
  - A single alarm cutoff output for over voltage and under voltage alarms
  - Optional MODBUS communication output
  - Composite video output
  - Made in the U.S.A.

• ABC Product Specifications:

  - Items Displayed: Pack voltage, current and capacity on main screen, individual
    cell number, cell voltage and cell temperature on detail screen(s).
  - CPU Power: 8-20V, 120mA
  - Battery Voltage: up to 500V
  - Number of Cells Supported: up to 140
  - Shunt Input: 500A = 50mV
  - Voltage Resolution: 0.1V
  - Current Resolution: 1A
  - Temperature Range: -99F to +199F or -146 to +92C
  - Video Output: Composite Video, Color, NTSC
  - Measurement Accuracy: <1% of Full Scale
  - Measurement Speed: 3 times per second main screen; 1 time per second detail
  - Cell Voltage: 2.00 to 4.50V
  - Balancing Threshold Voltage:3.55V
  - Balancing Current: 0.5A
  - Digital Output Current: 4A Surge for 100mS; 2A Continuous
  - Output Delay (default): 30 seconds
  - Ground Fault Detection: 2mA (5000 Ohm/Volt)
  - CPU Size: 5.70 x 2.60 x 1.80 in
  - Shunt Size: 3.25 x 1.75 x 1.75 in

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